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Gilles Losier

Louis Leger

Gilles Losier, born June 12th 1936 at Rivière à la Truite in the region of Tracadie-Sheila. He was from a family of 13 children.  He plays violin, piano, organ, and electric and acoustic bass, as well as composers tunes and is one of Canada's finest piano tuners and accompanists. He was Jean Carignan's piano accompanist and arranger for 20 years, as well as the resident piano tuner for Place des Arts in Montréal. He has toured extensively and played worked with The Chieftains, Boys of the Lough, Aly Bain, Graham Townsend, Alasdair Fraser, Philippe Bruneau, Denis Pépin, Edith Butler, Angèle Arsenault, and the list goes on. Gilles is now retired and living back in New Brunswick.


"Salut, Belle Acadie" - Gilles Losier, Amical AMI 2001 L.P. (1984)The First Time in 40 Years - Eddie Poirier and Gilles Losier - Piano arrangements

A Summer’s Night, Gilles Losier with Montreal - Stormy Forest - Piano, acoustic bass, arrangements

Jean Carignan - Philo FI 2001 - Piano, arrangements

Ti-Jean Carignan, Gigue à Deux - Tout Crin/CBC - Piano, arrangements

Hommage à Joseph Allard, Jean Carignan - Philo FI 2012 - Piano, arrangements

Jean Carignan Plays Coleman, Morrison and Skinner - Philo FI 2018 - Piano, arrangements

Jean Carignan et l’Orchestre des Grands Ballets Canadiens - McGill University Records - Piano, arrangements

Ti-Jean Carignan, Archives - Tout Crin/Canadian Museum of Civilization - Piano, arrangements

Soirée Québecoise Vol. 2 - Promoson JPA-7503 - Piano, arrangements

La Veillée des Veillées w/ Jean Carignan, Yves Verret and John Wright - Kebec Disc - Vocals, solo violin

Hommage à Madame Bolduc, Jean d’Arc Charlebois & Carignan - Philo 2021 - Piano, arrangements

Ti-Jean Carignan/Ginni Grant/Fiddey & Millar - CBC LM438 - Piano, arrangements

Ti-Jean Carignan - Le Violoneux - Jade ADS-8618 - Piano, arrangements, mixing

Seamus Connolly, Here and There - Green Linnet GLCD 1098 - Piano arrangments

Paul Gosselin, Hommage à Jean Carignan - Piano, arrangements

Boys of the Lough, The Piper’s Broken Finger - Philo 1042 - Piano

Down East, Out West Traditional Fiddling, Frank Ferrel - Voyageur Production- Piano, arrangements,

Philippe Bruneau, accordion - Philo 2003 - Acoustic bass

Danses pour les Veillées Canadiennes, Philippe Bruneau - Philo 2006 - Acoustic bass

Denis Côté à son Meilleur - Totem Records - Acoustic bass

Folklore Authentique, D. Côté - Totem records - Acoustic bass

Dancer with Bruised Knees, Kate & Anna McGarrigle - Warner Bros. - Violin

Entre la Jeunesse et la Sagesse . Kate & Anna McGarrigle - Warner Bros. - Violin

Love Over and Over. Kate & Anna McGarrigle - Warner Bros. - Violin

Matapedia. Kate & Anna McGarrigle - Rykodisc - Violin

Chris Rawlings - Cooking Fat Music - Piano, violin, bass

Soupe de Jour, Chris Rawlings - Radio Canada Int’l Transcription RCI 460 - Piano, violin, bass

Pearl River Turnaround, Chris Rawlings - Cooking Fat Music - Piano, violin, bass

Le Temps est ma seule Fortune, Jean custeau - Tison - Compositions, violin, bass, arrangements

Sutherland, Gordon & Bird - SGB Productions - Violin, Piano

La Belle et la Bête, Christiane Robichaud - Productions Arabesque & Endel Corp. - Violin

Maxime Le Forestier No. 5 - Polydor - Violin

Tom Kelly Sings Wayne Pronger - RCI 494 - Violin, piano

Huxtable, Christenson & Hood - Philo & Front Hall - Violin, acoustic bass

Celtic Magic - Green Linnet/Rounder - piano

Vermont Sampler - VPAL 103 - Arrangements, piano, violin

Tradition Today - VPAL 104 - Arrangements, piano, violin

Festival Albums: Fox Hollow 1972 Volume VII; 1975 Mariposa Folk Festival; Festival Memoires et Racines 1999 Volume 2; Festival International des Arts Traditionnels de Quebec SCOR-5 2004

Recordings with other artists: Angèle Arsenault; Alan Mills; Johnny Moring; Les Frères Hachey; Michel Murty and many others


Fiddling in New Brunswick